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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Natural face masks by Dizao for young skin

30.12.14 Do you still think that Dizao face masks are only for aging skin? Let us show you that you are totally wrong! Many Dizao face masks have formulas, that are suitable for all skin types and provide such universal
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Sweet almond oil for sweet lips

26.12.14 Sweet almond oil benefits are widely known among those, who master in natural and organic care. If you are a stranger to this natural oil, we would be pleased to lift the veil of secrecy and tell you why
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10 Anti aging tips. Stop your lips aging!

19.12.2014 Here are 10 effective anti-aging tips for your lips. 1. Never purse your lips! Pursing provokes wrinkles. If your lips have already lost their smoothness due to this movement, we would recommend you to try Dizao Oatmeal smoothing lip
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Why a tinted lip balm is better than lipstick? Ten reasons to ditch lipstick and wear tinted lip balm this winter.

12.12.14 1. Protection. Frost, cold wind, dry air… lipstick will never be able to combat this army of harmful conditions. that you need the whole lip balm collection to fight them all. 2. Treatment. If you have already neglected lip
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Acai Berry befits for your lips. Why you should prescribe the acai berry diet for your lips

4.12.14 Lip skin is much thicker than your facial skin. That means that you should nourish it more actively. But choosing a diet for your lips is not an easy task. We offer to indulge your lip skin with acai
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