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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Peppermint oil: test unbelievable freshness on your lips!

28.01.15 Freshness is always associated with mint, no matter, what we keep in mind: mint bubble gum, mint tea, mint toothpaste, ice cream with mint or some other peppermint oil uses. When it comes to cosmetics, mint also plays an
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How to buy organic cosmetics online?

23.01.15 Do not panic, go organic! It is high time to ditch the care products, that you use in your everyday beauty routine, for organic cosmetics. There are a number of reasons, why you should do it, but the most
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Dizao mascara wands. Why are they so special?

20.01.15 When it comes to organic cosmetics, it is very difficult to find appropriate tubes, packages, brushes and wands for them. The fact is, that texture, spreadabilty and thickness, of natural cosmetics is totally different from other cosmetic products. In
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Collagen Face Mask “Tenderness” by Dizao, are you aware of ultimate tenderness?

13.01.15 When it comes to choosing anti-aging products, you do not have margin for error. One occasional mistake can cause irritation, allergy, dehydration or even accelerate aging. To avoid all this problems, we recommend you to start your anti-aging treatment
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