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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Fruit acids. The softest facial peel for everyday use.

23.03.15 Have you ever thought why green apples are tart? Sometimes they are so tart that they hardly can be eaten. This tartness is caused by malic acid (a fruit acid) that present in apples and many other fruits. But
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Buy cosmetics online. Save time!

13.03.15 Hurry to live! Shop for cosmetics online! There are so many interesting places to visit besides drugstores and cosmetic shops. There are so many things to do besides spending endelless hours exploring the shelves with small and big tubes
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50 shades of vinous with 224 Clematis tinted lip balm by Dizao Organics

5.02.2015 Pamper your lips with the idea of ultimate seduction and beauty, cover them with the blanket of natural and bright look, apply Dizao tinted lip balm 224 Clematis. The lip balm is a perfect blending of fascinating conditioning properties
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