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Monthly Archives: May 2015

How to be beautiful on the first day of summer?

26.05.15 Dizao cosmetics are like a mirror of nature that reflects the most distinguishing features of every season. To reflect summer, Dizao needs to reflect brightness of the sun, clearness of the sky and colorful flora. Now, when the first
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Dizao “Strawberry Ice Cream” and “Mango Ice Cream” lip balms. Better than ice cream

15.05.15 What can be better than ice cream? Its sweet scent is so amazing that hardly anyone can resist pampering himself with it. It was the unique qualities of ice cream scent that inspired us to develop ice cream lip
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Hyaluronic acid. A natural moisturizer with unbelievable effect

8.05.15 Hyaluronic acid makes each Dizao face mask a moisturizing face mask. Can you imagine how profitable it is for you? You buy a face mask with certain effects and get another effect for free. The truth is that all
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