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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Babassu VS Cupuacu, choose your Dizao organic lip balm

25.06.2015 Dizao has a very wide range of organic lip balms. Each of them has its own benefits and effects. At a glance it can seem that Dizao “Babassu” organic lip balm and Dizao “Cupuacu” organic lip balm are very
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Dizao replenishing lip balm “Mango Ice Cream” for those who like mango and ice cream

17.06.2015 Hardly is it possible to imagine a person who does not like ice cream. Dipping into sweetness and tenderness of this perfect product, melting with pleasure as you ice cream melts – what can be better? Add to it
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Why Dizao sheet face masks are the best ones on the market?

10.06.2015 There are a lot of paper face masks on the market. Mainly, the fulfill the same functions which reflect everyday beauty routine such as purification, hydration, anti-aging treatment, soothing and calming, nourishment. Dizao paper face masks also belong to
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How to refresh your skin before a special occasion

5.06.2015 Wedding? Birthday? Important meeting? Sometimes you need to look even better than you usually do. If you have already read (and followed) a number of typical tips, that can be found on this topic, such as -to drink more
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