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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Write your own beauty story with Dizao

27.10.2015 Each beauty story is unique. You create your own beauty story every morning by cleansing your face and applying light morning moisturizer, putting on makeup and touching your lashes with a mascara wand. Dizao sheet masks are developed to
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Anti aging mask to stop your premature aging

13.10.2015 Why do all of us without exception need an anti aging mask? Do you start you morning with swiping a brush into compact powder and end up your day by rubbing some scrub into your face? We have bad
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Dizao BOTO face masks, go further with anti-aging treatment

9.10.2015 All Dizao face masks have strong anti aging effect. They moisturize your skin with hyaluronic acid, restore its elasticity by marine collagen, feed with rejuvenating energy of golden placenta and provide overall smoothing and lifting effects. When we were
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