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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Enjoy totally new experience of skin care with Dizao face masks!

25.11.2015 Dizao is always ready to offer you Beauty. Benefit. Delight! If you are looking for skin care experience which can be compared with procedures which a SPA salon provides Dizao face masks will be good solution for you! From
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Collagen benefits from the bottom of the sea for your elastic and smooth skin

24.11.2015 We explored the bosom of the sea to find the best cosmetics ingredients ever. We found marine collagen and pearl powder, corals and algae, red caviar extraxt and shark oil. We collected all these ingredients and brought this wonderful
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Become the Dizao Beauty! Bring Beauty.Benefit.Delight! to the world!

Subscribe to Dizao_UK Instagram page, repost this announcement, share your gorgeous photo with the hashtag #Dizao_Beauty, become the Dizao beauty and get your picture published on www.dizao-shop.com! The competition will last for 6 months, each month all subscribers of our
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Meet 5 new Dizao sheet face masks for better skin rejuvenation!

11.11.2015 We are happy to say that now you have a wider choice of Dizao face masks for more effective natural skin rejuvenation! Dizao ”Hyaluronic acid” face mask is an inexhaustible resource of moisture for your skin. Hyaluronic acid has
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Dizao mascara is available in the new, more colorful, package!

10.11.2015 Meet you favorite Dizao mascara in a new, more colorful package! We wanted to show you how natural Dizao mascara is that is why we painted an orange on its package! We like watercolors for their graceful and inspiring
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