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6 reasons to choose sheet face masks

There are plenty of different face masks. You can buy a gel mask, a powder mask, a peel away mask (or a peel off mask), a clay mask or a sheet mask. The fact is that it is extremely difficult to choose a type of a facial mask that will meet individual needs of your skin.
As for Dizao, we produce only sheet masks and here are 6 reasons why: 1. Sheet face masks press nutrients very close to the skin, providing their perfect penetration, and literary lock moisture in. There is no place for evaporating of nutrients and moisture, so all of them will be delivered directly to your skin.
2. Sheet face masks are available in the widest range, which exceeds the range of gel masks or powder masks.
3. A sheet face mask does not dry out skin as a clay face mask does. Even if you need to remove some extra sebum from the surface of your skin, a clay mask is too much. Super drying properties of clay masks do not make it the best face mask for oily skin as oily skin needs hydrating as well as dry skin.
4. Sheet face masks are easy to apply and remove. Sheet face masks allow you to forget about time and energy consuming procedures of application of clay face masks and powder masks.
5. A sheet face mask is more about hygiene than any other facial mask because each mask is individually packed and disposable.
6. Each sheet mask has cooling effect and very pleasant to apply. It covers your skin like a pleasant veil and helps you to relax and have rest.
Taking into account all these benefits of sheet face masks, we created Dizao masks to indulge your skin with best facials ever.

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