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Black Friday 2017

Only on 24th of November! Black Friday 10% OFF EVERYTHING Buy for yourself and for your friends! Black Friday happens only once a year, don’t miss it!

Spring is high time for you to get rid of face wrinkles!

18.03.2015 Even your best face cream for wrinkles should go to the trash bin! Spring is a season of super smooth and super radiant skin, so your face wrinkles treatment should be very special! This kind of treatment cannot be
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Creative nail design with Dizao Flash Jewels

25.02.2015 Are you a great fan of nails art design but new nail art ideas fail you? Hurry up to order Flash Jewels by Dizao Tattoo! Flash Jewels work not only as wonderful accessories for your body, face and hair,
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Forget about winter with Dizao temporary gold tattoos!

26.01.2015 Are you tired of a dull winter which goes without parties, festivals and relaxation on the beach? Do you want to shine in winter as you do in summer? Dizao Tattoos will help you to rediscover your inner summer!
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Are you ready to loose your lashes to wear fake ones?

22.01.2015 When your own lashes look thin and short, false lashes seem to be the only life buyout which can save your beauty. We think that we can choose the best fake eyelashes, apply them and get wonderful long and
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Dizao face masks is another step on the way to beautiful skin and self acceptance

20.01.2016 Each woman is beautiful but not all of us are ready to understand it. Minor defects such as acne or wrinkles, prevent us from considering our skin as beautiful skin. But it is beautiful. You do not need to
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Skin care in winter. Tips for dry skin

18.01.2015 Skin care in winter should be different from skin care in any other season. Especially, when it comes to dry skin. To help you to master it, we prepare a number of dry skin care tips in winter! -Apply
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Flaky lips are not what we want this winter!

14.01.2015 Winters are wonderful except for those days when the weather is so freezing that it creates not only snowflakes falling from the sky but also flakes which appear on your lip skin. Those flakes are the worse. Caused by
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Sea buckthorn for heathy lips

22.12.2015 Sea buckthorn is one of the most beneficial plants on our planet. It’s small orange berries are like small suns which does not produce radiance but make your skin radiant instead. These small suns are always ready to shine
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Help us to choose a winner of #Dizao_Beauty contest!

We want are very happy to receive so many wonderful photos of our participants! But abundance of beautiful photos made it almost impossible to choose a winner! We need your help! You can vote on on Dizao Facebook page!