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Babassu VS Cupuacu, choose your Dizao organic lip balm

Dizao has a very wide range of organic lip balms. Each of them has its own benefits and effects. At a glance it can seem that Dizao “Babassu” organic lip balm and Dizao “Cupuacu” organic lip balm are very similar. But the truth is, that they are totally different and their formulas are developed for different types of lip skin.
Dizao “Cupuacu” lip balm is a moisturizing lip balm and can be considered as the best moisturizer for lip skin. Dizao “Cupuacu” lip balm locks moisture in the deepest layers of the lip skin and keep it there for a long period of time. As a result, your lips become softer and look dewy.
All these effects are provided by cupuacu butter benefits. what is cupuacu butter? It is a butter made of cupuaccu. Cupuacu is born in the Amazonian rain forest. We like tropical fruits because tropics overfeed them with moisture and sun to make them effective nutrients and cosmetic ingredients. Hydrophilic properties of cupuacu butter are wonderful, it can carry a lot of water to your skin and make it soft, supple and well-moisturized. Moreover, if your lips are truly well-hydrated they become more elastic.
So, if your lips are very dry and need additional hydration, cupuacu lip balm is for you.
Dizao “Babassu” organic lip balm is developed to fulfill two functions at once. On the one hand, Dizao “Babassu” lip balm protects lip skin from the harmful environment, on the other hand, it restores lip skin and fights irritations on your lips. So if your lips are damaged somehow, have wounds or cracks which need to be cured, Dizao “Babassu” lip balm for you. Besides, its protective properties are so good that you can wear this lip balm as a sunscreen even on the hottest days.
Although there are a lot of differences between Dizao “Babassu” lip balm and Dizao “Cupuacu” lip balm, they have something in common, too. Both of the lip balms contain shea butter. Being shea butter lip balms, these lip balms effectively protect your skin from the sun. That means, that you can spend this summer outdoors without being afraid to damage tender skin of your lips.
Moreover, both lip balms are 95% organic. They represent the idea of how masterpieces of nature can be improves by human intelligence – we took the best organic butters from nature and mixed them in a way that made them even better.
Experience Beauty. Benefit. Delight with Dizao organic lip balms, but do not forget to scrutinize their formulas carefully to choose a lip balm that will meet all the needs if your lip skin.

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