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Brilliant pink for you lips with a tinted lip balm “205 Peony” by Dizao Organics

Delicate pink symbolizes unconditional love and care. If red and those tints, which are close to this color, are always associated with passion and physical attraction between men and women, pink represents quiet love that has more likely platonic nature and closely connected with compassion.
Pink is the most romantic color and, when added to your lip makeup, brings to it ultimate tenderness and natural feminity. If you want to cover your image with fragility, innocence and show that you are ready to love, it is compulsory that pink presents in your lips makeup.
Dizao tinted lip balm “205 Peony” is a miracle in terms of pink color. The lip balm`s texture it to reveal beauty of pink color in the most effective way. Being semi-transparant, Dizao tinted lip balm “205 Peony” gives your natural lip color the opportunity to bee seen trough the layers of the balm. It means that your lips makeup will be totally unique and unrepeatable.
Covering your lips with a pink veil, Dizao tinted lip balm “205 Peony” lets roses bloom on them. Good moisturizing and conditioning, provided by the balm, make you lips even more pleasant to touch than petals of these roses.
Every single dab of the tinted lip balm “205 Peony” converts your lips in a flower-bed filled with beauty of pink roses.
Now, in spring, when everything is flowering, it would be a crime to deprive yourself of this fascinating blooming. Missing it would be a worse crime in summer, in the season when nature blooms even more intensively.
Dizao tinted lip balm “205 Peony” will go with any skin tone. This lip balm is capable of bringing some softness to dark complexion and some brightness to fair one.
Pamper yourself with a perfect lips makeup, that help you to underline your feminity and romantic mood. Opt for Dizao tinted lip balm “205 Peony” and its well-balanced mousturizing formula and delicate pink color will not disappoint you.

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