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Can Dizao organic mascara work as a bottom lash mascara?

Dizao organic mascara is famous for its organic ingredients and wonderful benefits which it can give to the lashes. Dizao organic mascara makes your lashes longer, thicker, more nourished and more moisturized.
But can Dizao organic mascara work as bottom lash mascara?
Probably, you noticed that bottom lashes are a little bit different from upper ones. Generally, bottom lashes are thinner than upper ones and shorter. Moreover, when it comes to a bottom lash mascara, the main criterion is not to overload bottom lashes.
Otherwise, your bottom lashes, overloaded with mascara, can make you look much older than you are. Besides, overloaded lashes look slovenly and are more prone to smudging.
You should be very careful with applying mascara to your bottom lashes if you do not want your cheeks to be covered with small pieces of mascara.
Dizao organic mascara is a smudge proof mascara. That means that it will not smudge in normal conditions.
Dizao organic mascara has very flexible texture and can adjust to both bottom and upper lashes. Dizao is a great lash mascara for both of them.
When you apply Dizao mascara you should put a few coats of mascara on your upper lashes and one coat of mascara on the bottom ones. If you apply this strategy, we are sure, that results will satisfy you. You will get neat and attractive eye makeup.
Dizao is always concerned with functions which its cosmetics fulfill. We think about every single detail, even if it can seem unimportant.
We thought about difference between you upper and bottom lashes before development of Dizao organic formula, to create a product which would be suitable for both.
There are no unimportant details for us because we care about your Beauty. Benefit. Delight! Share photos of your eye makeup made with Dizao mascara on our style=”color:#1a71f4″>Facebook page!

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