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Creative nail design with Dizao Flash Jewels

Are you a great fan of nails art design but new nail art ideas fail you? Hurry up to order Flash Jewels by Dizao Tattoo! Flash Jewels work not only as wonderful accessories for your body, face and hair, replacing various bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, but they also can be part of nails art design. Dizao Flash Jewels look like shiny reflectors on your nails and look very gorgeous on you nails! They catch light, mirror it and transform it into splendor and luxury! All you need is to cut out the tattoo, put it face down on the dry skin and hold a wet cotton pad against it for about 30 seconds, peel the paper aside and dry the nail and cover it with transparent nail polish. Easy? Super easy! Just be creative when choosing a design and pairing different tattoos! Dizao Flash Tattoos came into 4 different sets and each of them has tattoos which are suitable for nails. Try them all for your nail ideas! Get inspired by glitter of Dizao Flash Jewels and realize your inspiration by contriving creative nail design! Dizao Flash Jewels are always there to give you the best nail design ideas and when your nails become totally Instagram-worthy do not forget to share their photos on our Instagram – Flash-Jewels !

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