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We like natural face masks because they do not contain harmful substances and do not provoke allergy. We also like natural face masks because they are very effective to fight various skin problems such as redness, dryness or signs of aging. We buy natural moisturizing face masks, natural face masks for acne and natural face masks for oily skin to eradicate all these skin imperfections.
But what do we know about those natural facial masks which can help in eliminating of some serious skin issues such as dilated, unhealthy, broken capillaries or couperose.
Natural face mask Dizao “Green Tea” is a perfect solution to strengthen you capillaries and a natural treatment for broken capillaries on face and couperose treatment.
Too small, visible or too dilated capillaries are usually caused by rosacea, blepharities or by some other disease with difficult name. Dizao natural face mask “Green Tea” does not claim to cure these diseases but it can help to combat them by making your capillaries healthier.
Green tea extract, which is the key ingredient of Dizao “Green Tee” face mask, improves blood flow overall and it helps to treat couperose and broken capillaries. Moreover, green tea extract has calming effect, which is important because couperose is very often accompanied by redness and inflammation.
In addition to this, Dizao natural face mask “Green Tea” contains Vitamin C, which penetrates deeply into skin and actively nourishes vessels` walls.
Collagen, hyaluronic acid and hydrolysed wheat protein improve general skin condition by providing careful and nonallergic nourishment and moisturizing for sensitive skin prone to couperose.
Be very careful with clay face masks, exfoliators and scrubs. All of them are too harsh for your skin.
As all Dizao cosmetics are natural cosmetics, they can not irritate your skin and worsen couperose.
Sport and healthy eating also contribute to strengthening capillaries and couperose treatment. Pay attention to very high or very low temperatures, they can escalate the issue.

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