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Dizao replenishing lip balm “Mango Ice Cream” for those who like mango and ice cream

Hardly is it possible to imagine a person who does not like ice cream. Dipping into sweetness and tenderness of this perfect product, melting with pleasure as you ice cream melts – what can be better? Add to it wonderful mango aroma and you will feel real pleasure.
Dizao offers you to combine this experience with your lip care routine. Give a try to Dizao replenishing lip balm “Mango Ice Cream” to feel true delight that mango ice cream can give you. Dizao replenishing lip balm “Mango Ice Cream” is based on carnauba wax. Carnauba is a base for all Dizao natural lip balms. Carnauba wax can melt on your lips as ice cream usually melts. Carnauba wax can be applied very easily on your lips and due to its spread-ability it covers them with sweetness and aroma of this or that Dizao all natural lip balm. But pleasure is not the only thing to be obtained from Dizao replenishing lip balm “Mango Ice Cream”.
Dizao claims that its all natural lip balm “Mango Ice Cream” is replenishing. In other words this lip balm cure your lips, if you have some severe problems (if you need chapped lips remedy, for example) and supply your lips with nutrients and moisture to prevent the same problems in future.
3 key ingredients make natural lip balm “Mango Ice Cream” replenishing, namely, organic mango, organic shea butter and organic cocoa butter. Organic mango nourish your lip skin with vitamins A, E, C, D, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and various beneficial micro elements.
Being a shea butter lip balm, natural lip balm “Mango Ice Cream”, is rich in fatty acids. Fatty acids are essential for health of your lip skin. Shea butter is also the best moisturizer for the lips. You will be surprised to see how dewy, soft and elastic your lip skin will become after a few month of application of Dizao natural lip balm “Mango Ice Cream”. Organic cacao butter makes Dizao natural lip balm “Mango Ice Cream” the best lip conditioner, which rejuvenates and moisturizes your lips.
Are you ready to make your lip care routine more pleasant? Are you ready to treat your lips with sweetness of ice cream?
Go ahead and order Dizao replenishing lip balm “Mango Ice Cream” to pamper your lips and to make them more beautiful.

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