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Dizao mascara wands. Why are they so special?

When it comes to organic cosmetics, it is very difficult to find appropriate tubes, packages, brushes and wands for them. The fact is, that texture, spreadabilty and thickness, of natural cosmetics is totally different from other cosmetic products.
In terms of mascara, its wand plays an important role both in application of the beauty product and its wear. If you apply mascara with the right eyelash brush, it will never smudge or make your lashes clumpy.
That is why Dizao takes an issue of mascara wands so seriously. We spent a long time looking for a mascara brush, that would match Dizao mascara formula. Eventually, we found the one.
That is all about bristles: their construction, the slope angle and the space between them. In this case, every millimeter is counted.
Dizao mascara wand looks quite simple, but it is proven, that it produces a number effects, that you want from mascara.
First of all, Dizao mascara wand provides symmetrical separation of your lashes. There are considerable gaps between the brunches of bristles, that allow Dizao mascara brush to comb your lashes.
The second important effect is volumizing. To get ultimate volumazing, space between bristles should be proportional to thickness of mascara. Dizao managed to develop its own formula for mascara wands production. Dizao mascara wands, produced in accordance with this formula, cover each bristle with a thick layer of mascara.
However, do not forget that Dizao mascara is a totally natural product, so it does not contain any of those chemicals, that help to stick mascara on the lashes. Carnaunbean wax fulfills this function, but it is difficult for this natural ingredient to compete with chemicals. As a result, you should not coat you lashes with too many mascara layers, otherwise, it will smudge.
Perfect eye make-up is impossible without curled lashes. Twist the bristles to the point where they can touch the sky and your eyes will look wonderful. Concerning twisting, Dizao mascara wand`s almost oval form curls your lashes naturally.
We also can not help to mention elongation. By twisting the lashes, Dizao mascara wand pushes them up, so that they look longer.
Moreover, Dizao mascara brush is tapered, so that you can reach the inner corner of your eye.
As for the tube of Dizao mascara, it has a wiper, which wipes excess mascara from the brush and allows you to deposit a required amount of mascara to your lashes. A good wiper is always a good protection from clumpy lashes.
We have been searching for a perfect brush for organic mascara for a long time. Since the moment we have found it, we feel, that not only perfect formula defines the best mascara, but perfect wand, as well.

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