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Dizao tinted lip balm “218 Lilac”, unbelievable color of spring

Every spring, starting from the 16th century, all the gardens of the world get covered with wonderful aroma and fascinating beauty of lilac.
Flowers of lilac are small enough to represent grace and fragility of beauty. Being gathered together these flowers create a sweet-smelling veil that covers a lilac bush with foam of small flowers.
This foam inspired us to create Dizao tinted lip balm “218 Lilac”. Like all the other Dizao tinted lip balms, “218 Lilac” is mixture of carnauba wax and powder of fruits and vegetables. Brought together, they create various tints, which copy the colors of flowers. Carnauba wax melts on your lip skin, leaving natural colorants, moisture and smoothness.
Very soon all the streets of our cities, towns and villages will be flooded with perfect aroma of lilac and its magnificient look. Spring is not spring without flowering lilac and spring is not spring without lilac on your lips.
Dizao tinted lip balm “218 Lilac” will bring this lilac miracle to you lip makeup and make this flower to bloom on your face.
The color of Dizao tinted lip balm “218 Lilac” is somewhere in between lilac and pink. It looks natural and fresh on the lips. You can wear this color every day or on special occasions, it will be appropriate at any place in any time. The color is close to the color of Dizao tinted lip balm “205 Peony”, but contains more violet. If your complexion is fair enough, we reccomend you to prefer “205 Peony”, which is much warmer, over “218 Lilac”. For those, who have darker complexion, “218 Lilac” is perfect.
Enjoy beauty of different flowers, blooming on your lips, with Dizao tinted lip balms. Variety of these flowers are extremely wide and lilac is one of the best flowers in this bouquet.

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