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Fruit acids. The softest facial peel for everyday use.

Have you ever thought why green apples are tart? Sometimes they are so tart that they hardly can be eaten. This tartness is caused by malic acid (a fruit acid) that present in apples and many other fruits. But making fruits tart is not a single function of malic acid. Malic acid is a perfect exfoliating agent, that shed outer skin layers. It is interesting, that malic acid also promotes collagen formation, if absorbed deep enough.
All these properties and benefits make malic acid (like all other fruit acids) a perfect facial peel.
Facial peels are essential to fight skin imperfections regardless of whether they are caused by aging process, acne or any other skin problem.
We are glad to introduce Dizao face mask with peeling effect – the face mask “Fruit Acids” which also contains malic acid.
Dizao Fruit acids face mask is composed of perfectly balanced combination of peeling ingredients (fruit acid peel and glycolic acid peel) and conditioning ingredients (hyaluronic acid). This formula if particularly effective, because it exfoliates and conditions the skin at the same time. The very principle of combining these two effects will allow you to prevent irritation, redness and other inconveniences, connected with peeling procedure. Moreover, Dizao Fruit Acids face mask`s second stage contains natur ceramids. Natur ceramids are an inexhaustible source of hydrating. The truth is, that facial peels dry out the skin, so extra-moisturizing should become an integral part of your peeling routine.
Being one of the softest chemical peels, fruit acids are the best ingredient for facial peels that you apply at home . Dizao Fruit acids face mask does not require to be applied in the beauty salone as it is totally harmless. You siply do not need any beautician to help you with this procudure. The good thing about it that the mask produces the effects which are even better than a visit to a beautician.
So do not hesitate to try Dizao Fruit Acids face mask with the softest peeling effect and the strongest moisturizing effect. Because there is no need to think about imperfections, there is the need to eliminate them!

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