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How to refresh your skin before a special occasion

Wedding? Birthday? Important meeting? Sometimes you need to look even better than you usually do. If you have already read (and followed) a number of typical tips, that can be found on this topic, such as
-to drink more water
-ditch fat, sweet and sharp food for a while
-sleep at least eight hours
-sleep at least eight hours every day
-avoid stress
-eat more fruits and vegetables (try to avoid crash diets, they can be quite harmful)
-apply more moisturizing facials
-exercise regularly we have one more tip for you – apply a Dizao tissue face mask before any special occasion. Dizao tissue face masks will work even after a single application. They moisturize skin, make it smoother and refresh it. The fact is, that after an application of a Dizao face mask your skin looks as if you have visited a beauty saloon. The procedure of Dizao masks` application is very enjoyable and relaxing. No wonder, that after it you skin looks refreshed. All Dizao tissue face masks are natural. That means that they will not provoke allergy. In other words, you can buy a new Dizao face masks and try it immediately without any testing. If you have some visible wrinkles which do not want to disappear after application of tissue face masks, give a try to Dizao BOTO masks. Dizao BOTO face masks have very strong anti-aging effect which can be compared with BOTOX injections. So, if you have some deep wrinkles on your forehead and you do not want them on your wedding or birthday photos, you should start a course of Dizao BOTO tissue face masks one month before an occasion. If you have very little time and you need some kind of express care, use one of Express natur masks by Dizao. These tissue face masks are one-step facial masks, so it does not take much time to apply them. We also reccomend you to try Dizao decorative cosmetics, namely organic mascara and tinted lip balms. Dizao decorative cosmetics will bring some new colors to your occasion. And few last tips:
-do not experiment with hair cut, hair color, care products or makeup before an important occasion
-do not panic
-smile, because smile makes anyone prettier!

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