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Meccano of your skin care routine with Dizao

Every day we use a number of different cosmetics, which build your everyday skin care routine. Mostly, we use them sporadically and not systematically. Today you can apply an anti-aging serum before going to bed and tomorrow you can replace it with a moisturizing night cream or even with an exfoliator, if you consider it appropriate. But you skin care routine, as well as other aspects of your life, needs more systematic approach. To be successful at your job you need strict time-management, good planning and setting aims. When it comes to skin care routine, nothing is different.
Actually, if you want to be successful in your skin care routine, you need to build a kind of skin care mecanno, where every detail is a skin care product.
For different skin types, different skin care routine should be chosen.
If your skin is oily, your meccano should be built in accordance with skin care routine for oily skin.
Oily skin care routine must contain exfoliators (Dizao recommends ”Fruit Acids” face mask with soft peeling effect), moisturizers (”Pearl” Dizao face mask ) and special care products for individual problems of your skin (Dizao recommends to fight skin aging with Dizao BOTO face masks and couperose with ”Green Tea” Dizao face mask). If your skin is dry, create your meccano by applying products of skin care routine for dry skin.
Meccano for dry skin care should contain a bunch of moisturizers for each part of the day. Dizao “Hyaluronic Acid” face mask is perfect to hydrate your skin. Apply it in the morning before leaving for work and in the evening before going to bed. In a few weeks you will see that your skin is no longer dry and you will need a new meccano of skin care routine for normal skin.
However, dry skin needs not only good hydration but also nourishment. Consider all Dizao face masks to choose the best one to supply your skin with vitamins and nutrients.
Have you already built your individual meccano of your skin care routine? Which Dizao face masks did you incorporate in it? Tell us more on our Facebook page!

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