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Natural ceramids, the second stage of Dizao natural face masks, can also be applied on their own

Most of Dizao natural face masks have 2 steps because we want our products to cover a few stages of skin care routine. If sheet base is in charge of deep moisturizing, nourishment and anti aging effect, the second stage of Dizao natural face masks work as a serum.
We did not want to mix active ingredients with which the sheet base of Dizao face masks is impregnated with active ingredients of the second stage because they are very different and not always combine with each other. We carried out a number of researches to balance the formulas of the first and the second stages. Luckily, we managed to do this in the most effective way.
One plump of natural ceramids, which are the second step of many Dizao natural face masks, is enough to refresh your skin.
Mostly, the ingredients of natural ceramids are aimed to boost and prolong effectiveness of the tissue base. But they also produce their own skin care effect.
Natural ceramids contain morus alba root extract, collagen, ascorbic acid, riboflavin, panthenol, tremella fuciformis extract and many other no less important ingredients. Ascorbic acid diminishes and eliminate wrinkles, collagen makes skin more elastic and young, plant extracts effectively nourish skin and panthenol restores the skin.
All these effects allow you to use the second stage of Dizao face maks as an independent care product.
So, if after application of a Dizao natural face mask, some natural ceramids are left, do not hesitate to put them in the fridge and use on the next day as a serum or nourishing cream.
If you have already tried to apply natural ceramids of Dizao natural face masks as an independent care product, share your experience on our Facebook page!

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