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Total 8 Effects

Total 8 Effects

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BOTOMASK (face mask, neck, eyelids).Against 8 Signs of Skin Aging

All Dizao Masks are consist of 99,6% natural ingredients and their effect is comparable to visiting of beauty salon. Boto Masks is non – injectional correction of age changes of skin.

Step 1: BOTOMASK (face mask, neck, eyelids). Against 8 Signs of Skin Aging

Effect: Fights 8 signs of skin ageing: 1. Elimitates mimic wrinkles due to the miorelaxant effect; 2. Tightens skin restoring firmness; 3. Smoothes skin surface giving it a velvety feel; 4. Improves face complexion; 5. Gives the skin a healthy glow and youthful energy; 6. Constricts pores; 7. Evens out skin tone; 8. Moisturizes intensely. The result is visible after just one application. The skin looks young, fresh and smooth.

Step 2: BOTOSERUM Against 8 Signs of Skin Aging

Effect: Has a powerful anti-ageing action and increases the effect of the BOTOMASK by prolonging it. The uniqueness of the BOTOSERUM is its ability to instantly smooth out wrinkles, having a miorelaxant effect. Highly active anti-ageing components fight the 8 signs of ageing in skin, having a prolonged and intense moisturizing and nourishing.

Active components


How to use it?

Apply the mask to clean skin for 15 minutes, then rinse your face with water and apply the serum especially to the wrinkles. It is recommended to use the mask daily for 6 days, then 1-2 masks a week.

The result of use:

• Deep wrinkles are fading
• Skin becomes more tight
• Skin surface becomes more smooth .
• The complexion becomes nice and refreshed
• Gives the skin a healthy glow
• Constricts pores
• Lightens pigment spots
• Moisturized skin

The advantages of Dizao face masks:

• 99,6% natural ingredients
• Spa – effect: the effect of contour tightening, rejuvenation and smoothing of facial wrinkles
• Express lifting
• The sheet covers face, neck, eyelids
• Does not contain parabens, GMOs, petrochemicals, gluten

Quantity: 6 masks

Made in CPR.

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