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Skin care in winter. Tips for dry skin

Skin care in winter should be different from skin care in any other season. Especially, when it comes to dry skin.
To help you to master it, we prepare a number of dry skin care tips in winter!
-Apply moisturizing face cream at least 15 minutes before you go out, not later. Otherwise, it will not have enough time to dry out and in combination with cold and weather can cause chapped skin.
– Apply hydrating face masks as often as you can. When even the best cream for dry skin cannot rescue your dry skin, masks will do their best to restore your skin balance. Tissue face masks are the best to deliver water to your skin.
-Cucumbers, sour cream, avocado, aloe – all these and other ingredients will help you to prepare a hydrating face mask yourself. Use them together or separately to bring more moisture to your skin!
-Revise your decorative cosmetics. All drying products should be sent to the trash bin. Avoid thick foundations.
-Stop using cold and hot water to wash your face. Warm water is that what you need in winter!
-Consume food or supplements which contain fatty acids. They will help to improve your metabolism and to have better skin. Drinking more water is also essential.
-Do not apply too much scrubs. It is even better to ditch them forever and use chemical exfoliators on the basis of fruit acids.
-Use only natural cosmetics. Cosmetics with chemicals and artificial conservatives will cause even stronger dehydration.
Do you have your own dry skin tips for winter? Share them in comments or on our Facebook page!

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