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Collagen Face Mask “Tenderness” by Dizao, are you aware of ultimate tenderness?

When it comes to choosing anti-aging products, you do not have margin for error. One occasional mistake can cause irritation, allergy, dehydration or even accelerate aging.
To avoid all this problems, we recommend you to start your anti-aging treatment with the least harmful and the tenderest anti-aging face mask “Tenderness” by Dizao.
The formula of the natural face mask “Tenderness” is developed to bring an ultimate tenderness to your skin, while carefully improving its inner processes and accelerating cellar metabolism.
One of the key ingredients of the face mask is plant collagen.
The fact is, that collagen is an essential part of connective tissue of our skin. Collagen is the protein, that ensures elasticity of the skin. As the skin ages, collagen structure destroys.
We do not have any other chance to keep the skin elastic and firm, but to supply it with additional portions of collagen. No wonder, that collagen is called “the protein of youth”.
Molecules of plant collagen, which is used for Dizao face mask “Tenderness”, are smaller than molecules of animal or marine collagen. That is why they can penetrate in the skin very easily and reach its deepest layers, while animal collagen can be delivered so deep only with injections.
When absorbed by the skin, plant collagen immediately begins to stimulate production of your own collagen. The skin, revitalized with plant collagen, regains its youth and smoothness.
Unfortunately, destruction of collagen structure is not the only trigger of aging. Dehydration is not less important and deserves a lot of attention in terms of anti-aging treatment.
The good news, however, is that plant collagen is a perfect moisturizer. One application of a collagen face mask can restore balance of liquid in your skin and prevent further moisture loss.
Moreover, Dizao collagen face mask “Tenderness” contains a number of other ingredients, which act in a perfect harmony with collagen and improve its performance.
For instance, lavender extract will help you to forget about inflammation, redness and irritation forever. Plus, hyaluronic acid contributes a lot to moisturizing.
Covering your skin with soft and weightless tenderness, the Dizao natural face mask not only can stop the time, but also make the clock ticks backwards, bringing new years of your youth.

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