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Organic jojoba oil: most natural care for your lip skin

Jojoba oil is chemically and structurally similar to human skin oil. Applying jojoba oil is like supplementing skin with the secretion, that skin could have produced itself but failed.
In other words, instead of torturing your skin with various irritating artificial ingredients which disturb fragile skin balance, you can resort to the most natural care. Jojoba oil is manufactured of ripened jojoba seeds harvested in the South USA, Argentina, Israel and South Mexica. Jojoba bushes grow in the deserts with a minimum of external input, so you can be sure that your skin will be nourished with purely organic oil.
Jojoba seeds are collected by hand and jojoba oil is cold-pressed. Texture of jojoba oil is similar to plant wax, that is why this oil has unique qualities.
It is worthy to mention that jojoba oil has high penetrating power, that is why it can be easily absorbed and even determine metabolism of the deepest layers of the skin. Moreover, due to its high penetrating power, jojoba oil does not make your skin greasy.
It is hard to believe, but jojoba oil can be stored for incredibly long time. The samples of jojoba oil, which were found in Egyptian pyramids, still posses all their useful properties.
Although jojoba oil uses are numerous, this oil is particularity good for lip skin, that is why it is widely used for manufacturing lip balms. We have chosen this precious ingredient for our tinted lip balms because we are convinced that there are a lot of jojoba oil benefits.
Jojoba oil is non comedogenic (does not clog pores) that means that it can not be a cause of acne. Moreover it can help to treat the acnes and fordyce spots, that break out on the contour of your lips, by controlling sebaceous glands.
If you need the wave of conditioning and ultimate moisturizing for your lips, test Dizao Organics tinted lip balms which contain jojoba oil.

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