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Peppermint oil: test unbelievable freshness on your lips!

Freshness is always associated with mint, no matter, what we keep in mind: mint bubble gum, mint tea, mint toothpaste, ice cream with mint or some other peppermint oil uses.
When it comes to cosmetics, mint also plays an important role. The oil, extracted from peppermint, is one of the most important ingredients in numerous skin care products.
If your lip skin looks tired, dull and colorless, it is high time to cheer it up with peppermint oil. But be careful, peppermint oil is very strong. If applied directly to your lips, pure peppermint oil can cause redness and irritation.
Thus, beauticians suggest using a ready lip balm in which this oil is diluted with other oils, such as avocado oil, jojoba oil or olive oil. It is not recommended to make your own lip balm with peppermint oil at home, as it is very difficult to find the right proportion of the ingredients.
There are so many peppermint oil benefits, that it will take the whole day to list them all. Most important ones are cooling and refreshing. Non of other cosmetic oils can produce these effects and they are particularly important for for windblown or sunburned lips.
We used peppermint oil for the line of Dizao tinted lip balms because we want to provide your lips with freshness and condition them at the same time.
The fact is, that Dizao tinted lip balms give your lips Beauty by covering them with one of numerous shades, give you lips Benefit by conditioning, moisturizing and protecting them, and give you irresistible Delight by providing you with freshness.
Moreover, like any other natural lip balm, Dizao tinted lip balms are totally harmless. They do not contain sulfates, parabens and any other substance from the long and scary list of unnatural ingredients.
If you want ultimate freshness, do not hesitate to spread it on your lips by spreading a tinted lip balm by Dizao Organics.

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