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Gorgeous supple lips – pure indulgence! Dizao Organics organic conditioning lip balms hold a secret to the immediate results for your lips! Precious ingredients of the lip balms – carnauba wax and organic extracts and oils- achieve an instant, visible and long-lasting moisturising, nourishing and protective effect for the delicate skin. The luxurious balm texture makes them incredibly pleasant to apply, while trendy natural scents and tastes are a true delight! Chocolate, cinnamon, strawberry, mango, fruit ice-cream…your lips have never tasted such delicious lip balms! 4 conditioning lip balm series provide the ultimate effect – protection, moisture, replenishment and youthfulness of your lips! Let your lips in on the instantaneous Dizao-effect secret and provide them with wholesome beauty! Made in USA. Dizao Organics conditioning lip balms can be used even on the most sensitive skin and do not cause an allergic reaction. Instantaneous effect + precious ingredients + hypoallergenic composition Tab 1 text
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