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What is better Dizao organic tinted lip balms or organic lipsticks?

These days plenty of organic lipstick brands appear in the market of organic cosmetics. Organic lipsticks are loved for their natural ingredients and very high quality. Dizao does not produce organic lipsticks, instead it produces something better – Dizao tinted lip balms.
A Dizao tinted lip balm is as safe as a diy organic lipstick but when it comes to moisturizing, nourishing and healing lip deceases (such as chapped lips), Dizao tinted lip balms` properties exceed properties of any organic lipstick.
The main difference between Dizao tinted lip balms and organic lipsticks is that Dizao lip balms are more focused on taking care of your lips.
No lipstick, even if it is organic is capable of moisturizing and nourishing your lips. Actually, very often they cause further drying of your lip skin.
As you know, philosophy of Dizao is focused on Beauty. Benefit. Delight! We always try to provide our customers with these three components of our philosophy. As a result, when even the best organic lipstick can provide only Beauty, Dizao tinted lip balms provide Benefit and Delight as well.
Furthermore, Dizao organic tinted lip balms are better than organic lipsticks in terms of their texture. Dizao balms are based on carnauba wax, which makes them very easy to apply and long-lasting. Carnauba wax is also responsible for the unrepeatable glow of Dizao balms. This glow cannot be compared with shimmer, provided by lip glosses. The glow of Dizao balms look much more natural.
If you love organic lipsticks, you will definitely love Dizao tinted lip balms because they are even better.
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