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Which plant extracts nourish your lashes in the best way?

Organic makeup is one of the best presents that you can give to yourself. Organic makeup does not only make you more beautiful today, it takes care about your long-term beauty and well-being. Organic mascara, as well as organic foundation and organic lipstick, is the very basis of any organic makeup.
We created Dizao organic mascara using only coffee beans, wax, oils and plant extracts to provide you with the best basic makeup product ever.
But which plant extracts are really good for your lashes?
We think that there are a number of plant extracts which can be beneficial for lashes and organic rice extract, organic lemon peel extract and organic grapefruit seed extract are the most effective ones.
Organic rice extract is widely used to condition hair. It make them softer, improves their texture and stimulates their growth. We used organic rice extract in mascara because it produces the same effects on your lashes. Do you want to stimulate growth of your eye lashes? Organic rice extract is the best cosmetic ingredient for that!
Organic lemon peel extract is a perfect emollient. It makes your lashes softer and thicker.
Organic grapefruit seed extract is a natural preservative, it is added to natural cosmetics to let it remain fresh for longer time even though they do not contain parabens and other chemicals. Moreover, organic grapefruit seed extract contributes greatly to beauty and health of your lashes.
Allow these three extracts to condition your lashes and turn their texture into wonderfully soft silk. Allow your lashes to try the best all natural mascara.

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