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Why a tinted lip balm is better than lipstick? Ten reasons to ditch lipstick and wear tinted lip balm this winter.

1. Protection. Frost, cold wind, dry air… lipstick will never be able to combat this army of harmful conditions. that you need the whole lip balm collection to fight them all.
2. Treatment. If you have already neglected lip protection and your lips look bad, you have to think about lip treatment. A good lip balm is always the best cure. The best lip balms can cure everything from chapped lips to aging problems.
3. General conditioning. Even healthy-looking lips are not always impeccable and need to be conditioned. Remember, it is much easier to improve imperfections than to conceal them with tones of lipstick’s layers.
4. Moisturizing. Lip balm is the best lip moisturizer and it is proven that lipsticks dry out your lips. Prevent your lips from moisture loss, and they will return your kindness.
5. Natural look. In winter lipstick is felt like too much. When the air is so transparent and nature is so nude, you have to accord with them and use only transparent and nude shades. Do not load tons of lipstick on your lips, instead, add a hint of color to them by a tinted lip balm and that is enough.
6. Comfort. Generally, lip balm’s texture is lighter than lipstick’s one. That is particularly important in winter when all you need is an old warm sweater, a cup of tea and sense of comfort on your lips. Moreover, lip balm is a touch and go product, so you do not have to care much about its application.
7. Shimmer. Natural shimmer on your lips can be archived only by using a lip balm. Lipstick would make your lips glossy and glossy lips have gone out of fashion this winter. Bring shimmer, not luster to your lips.
8. Perfection. Let’s be honest, it is very difficult to maintain your facial skin flawless in winter. Here and there your skin gets blemishes and redness appears. If you do not want to attract additional attention to your imperfections, it is better to apply a lip balm instead of lipstick, as brightness of lipstick would bring into focus those things, which should be hidden.
9. Flavor. Lip balm flavors are generally richer and sweeter. A swipe of a lip balm will cover your lips with numerous flower, fruit or chocolate aromas.
10. Bold shades and colors. Winter is the best time to try something new, unexpected and provocative. But not that much new, unexpected and provocative, as you would try in summer. You can find extremely bold shades in Dizao range of tinted lip balms, but all of them quite transparent and suitable for everyday wear in winter.

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