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Why do all organic skin care brands love sunflower oil?

April coddles us with bright sunshine.
The big yellow sun blooms like a huge sunflower in the sky. Its rays touch our tender skin as carefully as sunflower-petals would do.
For sure, it is very pleasant to enjoy these dabs of the early spring but we should be careful with them. Solar ultraviolet radiation is particularly harmful now, when the skin is exhausted after a long and sunless winter.
To protect your skin from premature aging, dryness and irritation, that can be caused by exposure to the sun rays, you need apply extra care.
The best and also the most natural way to reduce harmful influence of the sun is to use a well-balanced mixture of organic oils. Coconut organic oil, avocado organic oil, peppermint oil – all of them contribute to sun-protection and, as a result, are used to produce cosmetics.
But the fact is that sunflower oil is the most widely used by organic skin care brands, and these brands are used to provide their customers with exclusively high quality. Moreover, when it comes to lip care, sunflower oil is one of the main ingredients of organic cosmetics.
So, what does it make sunflower oil so special? Why do all organic skin care brands love sunflower oil?
First of all, sunflower oil contains a lot of Vitamin E which is known as panacea for all skin problems.
Moreover, sunflower oil consist 99% fatty acids which are also very important for skin regeneration and well-being.
There is no need to talk about therapeutic properties of sunflower oil. What do you do right after receiving burn? You apply sunflower oil which acts as the first kit aid for you skin. So, if this oil is so effective in terms of cure of burns, can you imagine how good it can be for cure of miner skin problems?
All these benefits are even more significant for lip skin than for facial skin because lip skin is much more tender and needs better nourishment. That is why those organic cosmetics brands which have lip products, are fond of this oil.
Dizao Organics uses sunflower oil for its organic lip balms to make you lips beautiful like spring and allow them not to be afraid of the spring sun.
Moreover, Dizao is committed to USDA certified organic skin care concept, so that you can be sure that all Dizao cosmetics are of the best quality.

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