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50 shades of vinous with 224 Clematis tinted lip balm by Dizao Organics

Pamper your lips with the idea of ultimate seduction and beauty, cover them with the blanket of natural and bright look, apply Dizao tinted lip balm 224 Clematis.
The lip balm is a perfect blending of fascinating conditioning properties and deep color.
Being semi-transparent the lip balm still has dark vinous tint which matches almost every complexion and hair color.
The fact is, that it is hardly possible to combine semi-transparent mate formula of a lip balm with so deep color. Many experts in the sphere of cosmetics production spent a lot of time to put these two things together. It was a long and difficult process, but we are proud that managed to create the product with the unique texture and unique color.
224 Clematis is so special among other color lip balms because you can make its color less or more deep with less or more layers of the product. There are literally 50 shades of vinous, that you can create by spreading a certain amount of the lip balm.
With every new layer you dive deeper and deeper into the sea of dark vinous color to find the tint, that can be compared with a lip stick tint, at the very bottom of this sea.
Moreover, 224 Clematis tinted lip balm by Dizao Organics has a perfect texture, which predetermines its exceptional spread-ability. The balm is applied with light touches of the product, but it does not smudge during the day and leaves on you lips as long as you want it.
224 Clematis Dizao lip balm is somewhere between mate beauty products and the ones with shimmer. When spread on the lips the balm has slight glitter, but does not leave its mateness completely. This visual effect is fascinating. You lips look dewy and natural, but not shining with artificial shimmer. If you apply a small amount of the product, your lips will look totally natural and it will be difficult to guess if you wear some lip make-up.
224 Clematis is the best lip balm for those who are ready to create their own unique tint, that would match their overall appearance. This lip balm is all about expressing your inner world and creativity by forming your own tint.
Do you remember all those femme fatales seducing everybody with one smile? Now you can play this role. Well-defined, bright, luminous lips of vinous color will never leave anyone indifferent.
Moreover, 224 Clematis Dizao lip balm has a number of conditioning properties. It is the best moisturizer and treatment for chapped lips at the same time.
Dizao suggest that you go step by step, or rather swipe by swipe to you own shade of vinous until you reach it. And when reached your own shade will give your lips the beauty, that they deserve.

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