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Are you ready to loose your lashes to wear fake ones?

When your own lashes look thin and short, false lashes seem to be the only life buyout which can save your beauty.
We think that we can choose the best fake eyelashes, apply them and get wonderful long and thick lashes in a few minutes. But the truth is that even the best eyelash extensions do not make your natural lashes longer or thicker, they also do not provoke eyelash growth.
But the worse thing is that instead of boosting eyelashes growth they cause loosing of eyelashes.
Even if you are extra vigilant about applying fake lashes, carefully choose lashes itself and glue, there are all chances that they can cause damage, irritation and breakage of your natural lashes.
If you want to have the best eyelashes, the easiest and the safest way is to take care of them in a proper way by applying special natural oils and butter.
To make this care routine easier we created Dizao mascara which takes care of your lashes and boosts natural eyelash growth.
Dizao mascara is a collection of oils and natural powders which coat your lashes curing them. With Dizao mascara you do not need to use fake lashes and put your natural ones under risk.
Do not fake your beauty, get real one with Dizao!

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