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Dizao “Strawberry Ice Cream” and “Mango Ice Cream” lip balms. Better than ice cream

What can be better than ice cream? Its sweet scent is so amazing that hardly anyone can resist pampering himself with it.
It was the unique qualities of ice cream scent that inspired us to develop ice cream lip balms.
Give a try to Dizao “Strawberry Ice Cream” and “Mango Ice Cream” lip balms to realize that these moisturizing lip balms smell of ice cream more than ice cream itself. When it comes to a lip balm, ice cream is one of the most popular aromas. Aroma of ice cream makes fruit aroma of lip balms softer and sweeter.
Ice cream aroma is so flattering that your lips will not be left without thousands of kisses because kissing lips, covered with an ice cream lip balm, is like eating this ice cream but even more pleasant.
“Mango Ice Cream” lip balm`s aroma is fresher and “Strawberry Ice Cream” lip balm`s aroma is sweeter.
Moreover, mango and strawberry are not only scents for the Dizao lip balms. Each lip balm contains its respective extract. Strawberry extract is the best lip moisturizer and extract of organic mango provides your skin with important nutrients such as Vitamins А, Е, С, D, В1, В2, В3, В5, В6 and calcium.
Pamper yourself with two sweetest lip balms. Because what can be sweeter than ice-cream?

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