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How to be beautiful on the first day of summer?

Dizao cosmetics are like a mirror of nature that reflects the most distinguishing features of every season. To reflect summer, Dizao needs to reflect brightness of the sun, clearness of the sky and colorful flora.
Now, when the first day of summer is approaching and we all want to be beautiful on this day, the mirror of Dizao cosmetics is there for you to grant you beauty of nature, reflected in it.
Here we described in detail how to use the Dizao mirror to be beautiful on the first day of summer.
We recommend to start your daily beauty routine early in the morning by refreshing your skin with Dizao natural face mask“Green Tea”. Being a tissue face mask, Dizao face mask “Green Tea” needs time to work. So, we advise you to put the mask on you face and prepare a cup of green tea, so that when your skin is drinking moisture of the mask, you can enjoy your drink. Thus, you refresh yourself and get a lot of antioxidants, contained in green tea.
Go on with your first-summer-day-morning beauty routine with all natural makeup.
Apply all natural mascara by Dizao Organics and all natural tinted lip balm (instead of lipstick). The fact is, that after application of Dizao natural face mask you skin look so naturally beautiful that you do not need any foundation, so you can skip this stage of applying makeup.
In terms of color, we suggest you picking “”205 Peony” lip balm with its tender pinkness or “218 Lilac” with its fresh pinkness.
Dizao organic makeup products look very natural and go perfectly with each other. Dizao organic mascara will define your eyes when a tinted lip balm will make your lips brighter.
During the day you can refresh your face with Dizao natural face mask “Tenderness”. It has cooling effect, so it is good to fight summer heat.
In the evening before going to bed clear your pores with Dizao “Fruit acid” natural face mask. As for your make up, you do not need to remove it. Both Dizao natural mascara and lip balms can be left on your skin because they do not cause any harm to it and do not clog pores. Next morning, when you wake up your lips will look more moisturized and your lashes more healthy.
If you spend every day of forthcoming summer with Dizao, we guarantee that it will be the most beautiful, beneficial and delightful summer in your life.
All you need is to look in Dizao mirror.

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