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Natural mascara now contains less chemicals than your morning coffee.

Morning starts with coffee and makeup stars with mascara. Coffee makes you more energetic and lights up your eyes when mascara makes them brighter by bringing unbelievable volume to your lashes just in one stroke. Can you imagine what an effect you can get by mixing two of them? The key ingredient of Dizao Organics new mascara is extract of coffee. Applying this mascara is like drinking a latte in terms of pleasure and energy you get from it. The mascara can also be comparable with your morning coffee in terms of chemical content. The fact is that Dizao Organics mascara does not contain any chemicals. The mascara is totally natural, that makes it the first choice for sensitive eyes. The mascara is totally free from parabens, phthalates, sodium laureth or sodium laurel sulphate, so you do not have to bother to learn all these unfamiliar and unpronounceable words on the packages. We do not use any harmful ingredients because we are convinced that natural ones are not less effective . All the superficial benefits, you want from mascara, are ensured by Dizao Organics product. We can guarantee that our mascara is the best thickening mascara, the best volume mascara and the best lengthening mascara. All the desired effects account for the power of rice bran, carnauba wax and, as mentioned above, coffee extract. Coffee brings a blast of energy and health to your lashes. Extract of coffee contains fruit acids, fat acids, alkaloids, minerals and other precious ingredients which make your lashes extremely long and bold. Moreover, coffee contains active caffeine (that is not a surprise). This caffeine wakes you up in the morning. No doubt, it can wakes up your lashes as well. Caffeine is proved to produce stimulating, refreshing and tonic effect. That is why it has been used for making beauty products since earliest times. No doubt, you care what you drink and you do not add some parabens to your morning coffee. So, why shall you have them in cosmetics, that you apply?

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