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Two different acids. Two different approaches to beauty

The world of cosmetics may seem very complicated, but the fact is, that there are only two main beauty procedures, which are obligatory for every woman on the planet. Those procedures are deep cleansing and moisturizing.
Actually, it is enough to hydrate your skin and cleanse it properly to have the healthiest and the most beautiful skin in the world.
As a result, there are two main approaches to impeccable beauty of your skin. The first one is based on skin hydrating and the second one is based on skin cleansing.
In accordance with this, Dizao created two face masks to represent these two conceptions.
We chose two cosmetic ingredients, one to provide ultimate moisturizing and another to provide the deepest cleansing. For skin moisturizing, we picked hyaluronic acid and for skin cleansing we picked glycolic acid.
These two acids became key ingredients for two Dizao face masks.
Dizao “Fruit Acids” face mask is based on glycolic acid and, being a glycolic acid mask, provides exfoliating and deep cleansing effect.
The key ingredient of Dizao “Hyaluronic Acid” face mask is hyaluronic acid and it is well-known fact that hyaluronic acid mask is the best natural moisturizer.
The truth is, that these two face masks are enough to provide basic skin care for you. Being glycolic acid face mask, Dizao “Fruit Acids” face mask will delete all dirty from your skin pores and Dizao “Hyaluronic Acid” moisturizing mask will bring tons of moisture to it.
Hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid and exfoliating glycolic acid mask can replace all cosmetics in your beautician. So, do not waste time and order you own acid face mask with this or that acid.
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