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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Collagen face mask “Golden Placenta”. How to regain youth?

24.02.15 Pull you skin. Does it snap back? If no – rush to the drugstore to buy a tissue collagen mask! Perhaps, you have already heard about positive effect of collagen facials and not even once. The mechanism of this
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Best valentines day presents!

12.02.2015 No doubt, that your girlfriend is the most beautiful woman that has ever lived on the planet. There is also no doubt, that she deserves only the best valentines presents to maintain this exceptional beauty. But to come up
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Chapped lips remedy. Don`t be afraid of unrelenting blizzards and fierce windstorms with Dizao Organics lip balm.

04.02.15 Chapped lips causes are numerous. Exposure to wind, cold weather, lack of vitamins or even a new toothpaste can easily irritate your lip skin, dry it out and make your lips chapped. In worst cases you can get severe
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Dizao Organics gives presents for St` Valentine Day!

03.02.15 St` Valentine Day is approaching and you still don`t know how to be the most beautiful woman on the planet on this day? Dizao Organics is there for you to paint your lips with the tints, that deliver irresistible
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