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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Lush lashes with Dizao eyelash growth mascara

29.09.2015 Lush lashes make your eyes more well-defined and make them attract more attention. If you want to make your eyes a focus of your face and draw attention of all people’s around you to them, thick and long lashes
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Get prepared for inevitable aging with a Dizao collagen mask

28.09.2015 Day by day your skin ages. The fact is, that you can not stop aging completely, but you can get prepared for it and avoid many troubles that it brings. Actually, if you apply the right product for your
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Two different acids. Two different approaches to beauty

24.09.2015 The world of cosmetics may seem very complicated, but the fact is, that there are only two main beauty procedures, which are obligatory for every woman on the planet. Those procedures are deep cleansing and moisturizing. Actually, it is
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Meccano of your skin care routine with Dizao

21.09.2015 Every day we use a number of different cosmetics, which build your everyday skin care routine. Mostly, we use them sporadically and not systematically. Today you can apply an anti-aging serum before going to bed and tomorrow you can
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Dizao “Golden Placenta” eye mask, the best eye mask for lifting

18.09.2015 Eye masks are a good solution when it comes to puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles. Dizao “Golden Placenta” eye mask offers even more. This eye mask provides strong lifting effect for eyelids. Unfortunately, it is well-known fact, that our
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If you do not have perfect lashes, Dizao organic mascara will make your lashes perfect

14.09.2015 How do you start your morning? With a cup of tea and light morning makeup. As soon as you morning skin care routine is over, you apply foundation, powder, BB cream or concealer to even your skin tone, then
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Each Dizao USDA organic lip balm offers you to take care of your lip skin this autumn

10.09.2015 The colder the weather is, the more you should focus on your lip care. In autumn when temperature plummets and wind is quite cruel, you need to do everything possible to protect your lips. All Dizao organic lip balms
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Can Dizao organic mascara work as a bottom lash mascara?

9.09.2015 Dizao organic mascara is famous for its organic ingredients and wonderful benefits which it can give to the lashes. Dizao organic mascara makes your lashes longer, thicker, more nourished and more moisturized. But can Dizao organic mascara work as
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What is better Dizao organic tinted lip balms or organic lipsticks?

4.09.2015 These days plenty of organic lipstick brands appear in the market of organic cosmetics. Organic lipsticks are loved for their natural ingredients and very high quality. Dizao does not produce organic lipsticks, instead it produces something better – Dizao
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